Origins of the debate

Mind vs. Matter

This intro video describes the historical background for the debate between theism and atheism...a debate between two "worldviews."

What our viewers say

  • "I recently stumbled across your website again, still Christian and I am totally loving your articles. I am also on mission to show the truth about God through Bible study, apologetics and through my astrophysics degree. I am so psyched for your website and truly you are blessed with knowledge to show the truth about God. I got a blog of my own on Christianity and Astronomy and I post my thoughts as often as I can about God's word and the universe we live in. Truly I am inspired by your work."

  • " I just wanted to send you a note of encouragement. I'm very impressed with the work you have put into producing the content on this website. I, too, was impressed with the amount of reasons to believe in a God. I've started my own blog a couple years ago, but I have much studying to do on the subject. .....This website truly is an inspiration to me to keep studying and learning about God and Christianity. Keep up the good work."

  • "This is the best source I have found for logical defense of the faith.  And believe you me, I've been looking."

  • "I felt it important to tell you that I was having a serious crisis of faith around the time I found this blog. I consider myself a man of science and was being perpetually bombarded by "evidence" disproving god. Over time I found my faith eroded and looking for answers to a seemingly endless list of difficult questions. I then found this site, though I remember not how I came to it at all, and began eagerly absorbing all of the knowledge contained within. Today I am again firm in belief, if not even stronger than before my crisis, of the existence of god, and this has greatly improved my walk in other areas. I just wanted to say thank you, I truly feel this website may have saved my soul."