The cultural and ideological bias against theism in much of academia.

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In If the Evidence for God is So Strong, Why Are So Many Smart People Unconvinced, I discuss the ideological bias against theism which is pervasive within much of academia. Much deception of the general public is achieved when academics present ideological assumptions against theism as scientific conclusions conflicting with theism.  Relevant to this subject, Richard Barns writes in The Dawkins Proof for the Existence of God:

“..Problems are experienced by established scientists who raise even the slightest question about atheistic views of origins. Intolerance and the Politicization of Science at the Smithsonian is a staff report prepared for Mark Souder (Chairman of the US Government Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources) in December 2006. It details the case of Richard Sternberg a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. Sternberg claimed that after he allowed an article favoring the theory of intelligent design to be published in a biology journal attempts were made to force him out of his position there.”

“In its conclusion the report notes the opposition faced by scientists who do not support Darwinism:”

“Since the treatment of Dr. Sternberg came to light in early 2005, evidence has accumulated of widespread invidious discrimination against other qualified scientists who dissent from Darwinian theory and/or who are supportive of intelligent design. In November, 2005, for example, National Public Radio reported that it had ‘talked with 18 university professors and scientists who subscribe to intelligent design. Most would not speak on the record for fear of losing their jobs…'”

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